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Quinto M750S-PR Matador Puerto Rican Heritage Wood Quinto 11"
Conga M752S-PR Matador Puerto Rican Heritage Wood Conga 11 ¾"
Tumbadora M754S-PR Matador Puerto Rican Heritage Wood Tumbadora 11 ½"
LP Quinto LP522X-AWC LP Classic Model Wood Quinto 11"
LP559X-AWC LP Classic Model Wood Conga 11 ¾"
LP Tumbadora LP552X-AWC LP Classic Model Wood Tumbadora 11 ½"
Matador Bongo M201 LP Matador Wood Bongos
LP Gio Bongo LP793X LP Galaxy Giovanni Series Wood Bongos are the finest wood bongos in the music world today. Now crafted of sonically superior North American Ash, they have been manufactured to ensure virtually invisible glue joints.
Matador Timbales M257B Matador Timbales from Latin Percussion offer traditional sound and excellent value for the intermediate player. They can be used alone or added to a drum set. The 14" and 15" diameter shells are 6-1/2" deep
Tito Timbales LP257BZ The LP257 Commemorative Bronze Timbales with 14" and 15" shells produce a warmer sound than the stainless steel models